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    Why Connecting Alumni Globally Is Like Looking for Lost Sheep, and Just as Rewarding

    Alumni Stories

    27 Jan, 2021

    09 : 09

    • Mr Wayne Tai, YCIS Hong Kong Class of 2003, spent his entire childhood with us for over 15 years and that bond still continues. Apart from being a Yew Chung alumnus, the APAC regional Ecommerce & Digital Manager of Naos also volunteers as the president of the YCYW alumni advisory board, bringing his driving passion to expand and build a more meaningful alumni community for all of us.

      "Growing up in Yew Chung wasn't easy for me," says Wayne, as being in the second class of IB was quite a challenge. Back in the day, the network and connections weren't as wide as now and applying to universities was a daunting task. "Hundreds of hours must be spent to achieve a good result," he sighed. But thanks to all the help from teachers, UGOs, and fellow classmates, the second class of IB, including Wayne, were able to achieve extraordinary results. It is for this very reason that Wayne decided to retain and foster his connection with Yew Chung, volunteering for services and eventually rising to become president of the alumni advisory board.

      The YCYW alumni advisory board was a fairly new concept established three years ago by the alumni relations office along with Wayne and a few core alumni members. The idea of alumni isn't new for Yew Chung or Yew Wah, "Everything started in Hong Kong at first, and existed there for over a decade until now. However, everything