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    • School Network

      YCYW is an unrivalled network of schools across 10 international cities. All YCYW schools operate under the same educational mission and share a similar pedagogy. We understand families sometimes need to be relocated and thus internal transfers within schools have been made easier. Students may continue to receive outstanding education at any of our YCYW schools.


      YCYW recruits and retains qualified and passionate teachers who always have the opportunity to upskill and remain abreast of global trends through professional development workshops. YCYW is proud to have a group of dedicated and long service academic staff, ensuring consistent and high quality teaching. Among the wonderful aspects of the YCYW Schools Network are its regular cross-school events that promote constructive collaboration. Students gain invaluable experience and grow their circle of friends.

    • Internal Transfer Loyalty Programme

      We understand that families sometimes need to relocate, and  have thus made internal transfers within our schools easier, We offer the “Internal Transfer Loyalty Programme” to thank our existing families for their unwavering support of our education pedagogy and teaching approach. The Programme offers a 20 percent discount on the tuition fees for the YCYW school to which your child will be transferring for a period of up to three years. This special plan is applicable to all current families who have been with us for more than two years, and intend to relocate to another city where our network has schools, and want to arrange for their children to continue studying at YCYW schools. 


      The YCYW Education Network has schools in major cities in the Chinese mainland, as well as in the Hong Kong SAR and US. Our  families will be able to take advantage of this internal transfer option among our network schools to ensure an uninterrupted quality and holistic education for our existing students.

      Please contact your School Office for more information.

    • Outstanding Educators Worldwide

      At YCYW, a group of dedicated “engineers” strive to uphold the upper echelons of education. With their wealth of knowledge and education as their mission, they illuminate the path for thousands of students. They are not only practitioners of Yew Chung Yew Wah's education philosophy, but also a positive and collective effort behind the progress of education. 


      The integration of Chinese and Western cultures across the school is achieved through our unique Co-Principal and Co-Teaching models. We recruit qualified and experienced Western teachers from around the world, including Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, US. Equally qualified Chinese teachers come with extensive experience in education.