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    • School Network

      YCYW is an unrivalled network of schools across 11 regions. All YCYW schools operate under the same educational mission and share a similar pedagogy.


      YCYW recruits and retains qualified and passionate teachers who always have the opportunity to upskill and remain abreast of global trends through professional development workshops. YCYW is proud to have a group of dedicated and long service academic staff, ensuring consistent and high quality teaching. Among the wonderful aspects of the YCYW Schools Network are its regular cross-school events that promote constructive collaboration. Students gain invaluable experience and grow their circle of friends.

    • Internal Transfer Loyalty Programme

      We understand families sometimes need to be relocated and thus internal transfers within schools have been made easier. We offers the “Internal Transfer Loyalty Programme” for our existing families as a token of gratitude for being staunch supporters of our education pedagogy and teaching approach. The Programme offers an incentive of the tuition fees at the YCYW school that your child will be transferring to, for a period of up to three years. This special scheme is applicable to all current families who have been with us for more than two years, and have plans to relocate to another city and looking to enrol their child in one of our network schools. 


      With our presence in most major cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and US, families will be able to leverage on the benefits of this internal transfer option among our network schools to ensure an uninterrupted quality and holistic education for our existing students.


      Please contact your School Office for more information.

    • YCYW Online

      Built upon a strong foundation of learning and constantly evolving since 2003, YCYW Online takes advantage of our large network of schools to provide online classes at the IB and A Levels. This blended learning approach provides our Upper Secondary students with a breadth of subjects relevant for their own unique passions and academic interests. Taught by qualified YCYW experts, students participate in live calls, collaborate online with like-minded students, and formulate independent study goals. Apart from providing additional subject choices to our students, YCYW Online prepares students for a future in which online and distance learning will become more entrenched in university and post-university study.

      About YCYW Online
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