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    Photo-Sharing Activity: My Memorable Moments with Yew Yew

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    19 Jan, 2024

    14 : 32

    • Created in 2022, Yew Yew has captured the hearts of students across all Yew Chung and Yew Wah schools. To celebrate this cherished character, we are pleased to launch a range of exclusive Yew Yew merchandise. 


      As we begin 2024, we would like to invite you and your children to participate in "My Memorable Moments with Yew Yew"—an activity to share photos of Yew Yew.


      From now until the Lunar New Year period, you can take photos of unforgettable moments with Yew Yew, such as shopping for the Lunar New Year with Yew Yew; enjoying a delicious Lunar New Year dinner with Yew Yew; visiting someone during the Lunar New Year with Yew Yew; or any other holiday activity. We encourage you to take snapshots and share these precious moments on our designated platform.

    Activity Details

    📅 Period: From now until 26 Feb. 2024

    🎁 Reward: Each participant will receive a souvenir.


    Step 1
    Step 1

    Yew Yew plush toy is now available on our website. You can visit our website by clicking "Shop Page" button

    Step 2
    Step 2

    Take photos of unforgettable moments with Yew Yew and click the button below to upload the photos.

    • We look forward to seeing your imaginative creations! Photos uploaded by participants will be featured on the website and the social media platforms of the YCYW Education Network.


      Let us embark on a new journey with Yew Yew and create more wonderful memories together!