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    HADALX Shen Kuo Research Vessel | Deep Sea Expedition Open Day & Exhibition

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    29 Nov, 2023

    14 : 02

    HADALX Shen Kuo Research Vessel Deep Sea Expedition Open Day & Exhibition

    • About Shen Kuo Research Vessel

      • Designed by China Ship Scientific Research Center, built and operated by Tehe Ocean Technology Group, this research vessel is a 2,200-ton small-waterline surface catamaran research vessel built by private enterprises


      • Featuring two bows, with an orange-red front bow, a primarily white hull and its lower part adorned with red wave patterns.


      • Equipped  with the most advanced scientific research equipment in the Chinese mainland


      • Since 2018, the vessel has been carrying out over 30 oceanic research missions, visiting the world's deepest trench, the Mariana Trench on a number of occasions to conduct deep-sea exploration missions


    Free Public Tour

    Date: 29 November - 3 December 2023
    Boarding Location: Level 2, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City (near shop OTE202 TSUKADA NOJO)
    Boarding Time: Around 45 minutes each session of the tour
    People: Each session consists of 2 groups, with 30 persons in each group
    Language: Mandarin


    Theme 1: How much do you know about research vessels?
    Theme 1: How much do you know about research vessels?

    •    Brief introduction to Abyssal Science

    •    Viewing the Yew Chung Yew Wah (YCYW) Marine Scientific Research Vessel model

    •    Submersible and HADALX research vessel model

    Theme 2: Into the Unknown x Insights into the daily lives of research team members
    Theme 2: Into the Unknown x Insights into the daily lives of research team members

    •    Explanation of the Shen Kuo Research Vessel 

    •    Interaction with the researchers

    •    Exploring the living and working conditions of marine researchers


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