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    2024 YCYW Drama Festival: Back to Our Roots


    02 Feb, 2024

    12 : 24

    • The Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network (YCYW), in collaboration with the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA), recently hosted the YCYW Drama Festival "Back to Our Roots".


      Approximately 100 students from eight Yew Chung and Yew Wah schools participated in the festival this year and showcased their talents and passion for drama. YCIS Hong Kong held the festival at the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong - Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong SAR from 17 to 20 January 2024.

    • The schools represented at the festival were YCIS Beijing, YWIES Shanghai Gubei, YCIS Qingdao, YCIS Shanghai Pudong, YCIS Shanghai Puxi, YWIES Zhejiang Tongxiang, YWIES Yantai, and YCIS Hong Kong

    • The ISTA developed the YCYW Drama Festival, especially for Yew Chung and Yew Wah schools. Students participated in workshops that explored the theme of returning to their roots. Under the artistic leadership of Bangkok-based German artist Ulrich Gottlieb, the festival provided students and teachers with the opportunity to engage in drama led by experienced theatre professionals, namely Japan-based British artist Neil Farrelly, China-based Australian artist Joanne Liang, Hong Kong-based South African artist Terence Makapan, and British artist Juliette O'Brien. The festival also enabled the students to meet their peers from other schools and better understand various aspects of drama.


      The festival's highlight was the collaborative showcase performance, where the students created original street theatre. This required them to work closely with each other, fostering teamwork and cooperation. Through this collaboration, the students learned from their peers and gained a deeper appreciation for different perspectives.


      YCYW has been partnering with ISTA for the last five years to organise drama festivals. The partnership began as a 2020 project in Shanghai, but the festivals had to adapt to the new conditions created by the pandemic. Determined to proceed with the drama festival project, the foundation launched an online drama festival (one of its kind), followed by a truly innovative hybrid drama festival a year later. Thus, hosting the 2024 festival meant a lot to YCYW, as it was the first event that had everyone in the same space, as originally envisioned.


      The Creative Arts Division of YCYW strongly supports the drama festivals because they strengthen the bonds between different Yew Chung and Yew Wah schools. This event has become an eagerly anticipated event in the YCYW community, and we are proud to see our students grow and flourish through their participation in it.


      In today's rapidly changing world, students must be adaptable, creative, and have the ability to collaborate with others. The YCYW Drama Festivals help students to hone these skills and prepare for a challenging future. Through this festival, YCYW promotes its mission of nurturing global citizens who are confident, compassionate, and culturally aware. We look forward to many more successful collaborations with ISTA and the continued development of our students through the arts.