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    YCYW Planet Leadership Series : Ms Zhuang Yong - My Path To Life: The Power of Water

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    22 Apr, 2024

    14 : 00

    YCYW Planet Leadership Series : Ms Zhuang Yong - My Path To Life: The Power of Water

    The Planet Leadership Series is a pioneering YCYW initiative established in 2021. It aims to cultivate an environment of inspiration, exchange, and innovative thinking by the aspiring thought leaders’ sharing.

    The upcoming Planet Leadership Series will be held on 22 April at YWIES Zhejiang Tongxiang, featuring Ms Zhuang Yong, China's first Olympic gold medallist in swimming, as our distinguished guest speaker. The theme of her address will be “My Path To Life : The Power of Water”.

    Following an extraordinary career in the realm of swimming, Ms Zhuang transitioned into various industries including media, advertising, investment, and self-media, shifting from the poolside to a broader stage. This upcoming series will highlight her mesmerizing journey of resilience, entrepreneurship, and adaptability. She will also delve into the crucial topic of preparing for an uncertain future and overcoming challenges, providing invaluable insights to help students prepare for the future. We enthusiastically encourage both students and parents to actively participate in the Q&A session.



    • Building resilience: A pathway to a career in professional swimming
    • Transitioning into retirement: Exploring alternative avenues for personal growth
    • Harnessing resilience: Facilitating a shift in professional roles
    • Shifting Perspectives: Overcoming challenges through mindset change
    • Embracing tomorrow:  Advice for aspiring young students


    About the Planet Leadership Series

    Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network (YCYW) holds the belief that quality education extends beyond the confines of the classroom and thrives within the broader world and through open dialogue. In 2021, YCYW introduced a community event "Planet Leadership Series" with the objective of establishing a platform for the YCYW community to foster inspirational ideas, facilitate meaningful communication, and cultivate innovative perspectives by inviting distinguished individuals from diverse fields including education, culture, arts, science and technology, business, philanthropy, sports, and more.


    In 2021, the first Planet Leadership Series welcomed Professor Yu Lizhong, the founding chancellor of New York University Shanghai (NYU Shanghai), a pioneering Sino-US- international research university in China. Professor Yu's presentation and sharing at Yew Wah Shanghai Lingang attracted a crowd of nearly 30,000. In 2022, Mr Vic Lee, co-founder of Tencent and founder of education philanthropy foundation, Catalyst Education Lab Foundation, shared his insights and expertise to tens of thousands of audience at the second Planet Leadership Series.


    • Speaker - Ms Zhuang Yong

      1980s Zhuang Yong started to learn swimming in a swimming school, gained entry into the esteemed Shanghai team at 12, and was officially selected for the prestigious national swimming training team at 14.

      1992 She won the gold medal in the women's 100-meter freestyle at the 25th Barcelona Olympic Games, China’s inaugural Olympic gold medal in the discipline of swimming

      1995 She was invited by Phoenix TV in Hong Kong SAR to take the role of sports program host.

      1998 She embarked on a new venture as  a Co-founder of Tulip Media (a prominent  outdoor LED screen media operator)

      2008 She was selected as the first torchbearer of the Beijing Olympics in Shanghai

      2023 She started running her own video social media platform, mainly promoting positive energy and lifestyle content.


      Have questions for Ms Zhuang? You can submit questions via Pre-Event Question Submission Form, and Ms Zhuang may respond to your question in the event!  

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