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    Planet Leadership Series #2 The Future Is At Your Doorstep: Humans Vs Technology

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    02 May, 2022

    10 : 00

    • Date: 2022.5.10 Tuesday

      Time: 14:00-15:30

      With so many aspects of our daily life moving into the virtual online space, the idea of a ‘metaverse’ has shifted from the realm of science fiction to reality. Metaverse is the term given to the emerging hyper-connected 3D virtual world that offers unique immersive access for learning and work or simply for socialising and exploration. It is an all-encompassing parallel reality.

      From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, technology has transformed our lives at an unprecedented pace to present new challenges as well as exciting possibilities.

      The ‘humans vs technology’ equation has found increasing traction in 2021. So, how might we position ourselves at a time when technology is beginning to overshadow human endeavour?

      Keynote Speaker

      Following the success of the first ‘Planet Leadership Series’ event (attended by some 30,000 people, largely online) featuring Professor Yu Lizhong, the founding Chancellor of NYU Shanghai, we are delighted to welcome Mr Vic Lee as our keynote speaker for the second session of this think-tank series. Our topic is: ‘The future is at your doorstep: Humans vs Technology’.

      Vic Lee

      • Co-founder and former Senior Vice President of Tencent
      • Founder and Managing Partner at the venture capital firm Virtus Inspire Ventures
      • Chairman of VI Asset Management (VIAMC)
      • Founder of nonprofit Catalyst Education Lab Foundation

      As co-founder of Tencent – the global internet and tech giant from China – Mr Vic Lee has long been at the fast-moving frontiers of technological advancement. In 2008 he was named China’s ‘Top CIO’ by CEO and CIO magazines. In 2012, he turned to venture capital and financial services, where he founded two investment firms, VI Ventures and VI Asset Management.

      Fast forward to 2018, when he founded the non-profit Catalyst Education Lab Foundation that aims to transform education in Hong Kong into an “engine of opportunity, innovation, and excellence” working with “passionate educators and progressive schools”.

      Vic Lee - YCYW Planet Leadership


      Opening remarks by the host

      Welcome by Dr Betty Chan, CEO & School Supervisor,
      Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network

      Keynote speech by Mr Vic Lee

      Roundtable discussion

      Taking questions from the audience and through online channels


      How will new technology change our lives?

      What are the responsibilities of creators, users and owners of this technology?

      How should education reposition itself to help the next generation prepare for the future?

      Language: Putonghua (with simultaneous English translation)

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    • About Planet Leadership Series

      Initiated in 2021, the Planet Leadership Series is YCYW’s pioneering thought leadership programme. It emphasises the role of education in collaboration with industry leaders from diverse fields, like education, culture, the arts, technology, business, charity, and sports. The series incorporates presentations, interviews and roundtable discussions, offering a platform for questioning, serious discussion and engagement with key issues.