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    Apply Now! Major Upcoming EdFutures Activities

    Upcoming Events

    23 Mar, 2024

    15 : 19

    "Aligning with Science and Technology" is one of the three missions of the Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network (YCYW). Our Educational Futures Division (EdFutures) is committed to fostering our students' interest in and passion for technology, and helping them to learn beyond the boundaries of time, space and geography. We also create opportunities for students to participate in cutting-edge technological explorations, providing them with the skill sets and knowledge to prepare for a better future.


    EdFutures will launch two major projects in the coming months:


    • YCYW - Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research Programme

    • HADALX DEEPSEA Challenge 2024


    Below you will find information about the programmes and the range of target students. Places are limited, so please apply now!

    • YCYW - Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research Programme

      Developed by EdFutures in collaboration with the Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research (OSCAR), the programme is tailored for students aged 16 and above.


      Located in the Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District, OSCAR is the University of Oxford's first and only engineering and physical sciences research institute in China. Building on the strong research capabilities of the University of Oxford, OSCAR leads research on modern biotechnology, advanced materials, computational methods, and manufacturing technologies.



      23 March-3 April 2024


      Programme Highlights

      01. Training on security and health & safety protocols will be conducted in the early stages of the project.

      02. Every morning, students will participate in activities and workshops prepared by the EdFutures team to establish the foundation for their later research work.

      03. Students will participate in their assigned research fields and shadow professors and research teams in specific fields.

      04. Students will be involved in activities such as, analysis of academic papers; laboratory work (predominantly observational but occasionally participatory subject to safety guidelines); and participation in planning and review sessions during academic workshops.

      05. Supplementary interactive training will cover basic research methodologies, academic reading and writing, essential workplace skills, and team-building activities.

      06. Students will receive a certificate of completion from OSCAR at the end of the programme.


      Target students

      YCYW students aged 16 or above, who are interested in academic research and want to pursue a major in engineering or the physical sciences at the university.

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    • The HADALX DEEPSEA Challenge 2024

      We have been cooperating with HADALX in teaching and learning to extend the classroom to the ocean. We are committed to promoting marine awareness and marine science education for young people through hands-on activities and camps.


      The competition will be held in Lin-gang Special Area, Shanghai, and will be open to all schools and students throughout China and elsewhere. Over four exciting days, participants will work in small teams to design, build, and operate an underwater robot (ROV) in a series of challenges, including data collection, and compete at the end of the programme. Whether you are a beginner or have had some experience, we welcome you to join the programme.



      20 - 23 April, 2024



      Shanghai Lingang


      Programme Details

      University professors, engineers, marine scientists, and professional mentors will present various workshops during the programme to guide participants in the following three categories.


      Beginner Level

      (For students who do not have an ROV and no experience with underwater robotics)

      The programme will guide participants on how to design and build an ROV from scratch. Workshops on design, construction, marine engineering, programming, and data collection will be offered throughout the programme.

      Intermediate Level

      (For students with some experience in designing or programming an ROV)

      Participants will learn how to improve the design of ROVs, including adding more data sensors, robotic arms and grippers for sampling, and advanced control programming.

      Student Environmental Journalists

      The programme has a few opportunities for student journalists. Students will work with and learn from professional media experts about interviewing, writing articles, and taking photos and videos of the event to create social media material.


      Target students

      Open to all students ages 12-18. 


      Available spots are extremely limited.

      We recommend that interested students apply as soon as possible!

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