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    Looking Back at The Subtle Beauty of Yew Chung After 16 Years!

    Alumni Stories

    29 Nov, 2019

    02 : 06

    • What a reunion after 16 years! Karen Leung, our YCIS Hong Kong alumna from class of 2003, was one of the first groups of students to go through the tremendous changes Yew Chung had. Recently, she finally had the chance to meet with a former senior management member of ours, Dr Gary Morrison, whom he was the reason for those changes happened in Yew Chung!

      It truly was a heart touching moment to see them catch up and talk about what Yew Chung Education really means to them!

      Dr Morrison joined Yew Chung in 1997 as the Head of Admission, Promotion and Marketing and later initiated the University Guidance Counsellor programme and served the first three batches of Year 13 graduates, with great success in putting YCIS schools on the global map with a remarkable record of university placements. He then took up the important role in 2004 as the Founding Chairman of the College Governing Council and Supervisor of Yew Chung Community College (YCCC), and later played an instrumental role since 2013 in the development of the new degree-awarding college, Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE).