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    Alumna Yiran Wen’s Shares Her University Experiences

    Alumni Stories

    13 Sep, 2023

    18 : 12

    Embarking on a university journey is a thrilling, but often intimidating, rite of passage . In order to demystify this process and offer practical advice, we invited Yiran Wen to share her experiences. She is an outstanding YCIS Hong Kong alumna now studying in the Dual Undergraduate Degree Program in Economics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Tsinghua University.


    Yiran's story began with a summer full of hope. "The few months before going to a university might be one of the most precious times in life." she mused. For her, it

    was an opportunity to travel , relax and delve into something new . Nevertheless, while excited , Yiran used this time to improve herself . She chose to do internships and self-initiated projects, which enriched her summer and gave her a competitive advantage at the university .


    The university journey is not only an academic transformation , it's also a profound shift in lifestyle. When we asked Yiran what she did to prepare for the university, h er answer was psychological preparation. "You have to adopt the attitude you had during your preparations for the IB exams, " she shared. This mindset, characterised by efficiency and profound introspection, now serves as Yiran's guiding beacon for her university journey .


    Reflecting upon her first year at the university, Yiran mentioned the challenge of finding her footing in a lifestyle of increased independence and flexibility. "One of the biggest challenges every university student faces is to accomplish most things independently ," she remarked. “The first year is the best time to explore as many things as possible, but this must be done while maintaining good grades." she said. To strike the right balance between academic achievement and broadening your horizons is a key feature of the university experience.


    Yiran showed her passion for economics when discussing her major. "Economics is the cornerstone of society, and indispensable for every human activity." she explained. In addition, she believes that the economics major can lead to diverse career opportunities and has enabled her to address issues like the efficient allocation of resources and the maintance of the stability of financial systems.


    As an aspiring economist, Yiran believes in the importance of mastering analytical skills and staying updated about global economic news. These can allow economists to make informed decisions. She's also enthusiastic about using game theory to understand more about the financial system and business competition .


    Yiran's university journey has demonstrated the importance of exploration, self-reliance, and continuous learning. Her story serves as an inspiring guide for alumni , and the experiences she has shared resonate with us worldwide.