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    2018 London Gathering

    Alumni Events

    16 Jan, 2018

    11 : 07

    • Hello, 2018, and hello again our London Gathering!

      Date & Time: 3rd Feb 2018 (Sat) / 1 - 4 pm

      Venue: Cellarium Café and Terrace, Westminster


      * Complimentary afternoon tea will be served

      Come meet your friends, alumni, and former teachers. You are welcome to bring guests along too!

      At this year's gathering, Rev. Steve Hackman, our head of Christian and Community Development, will share with you a meaningful Seeds of Hope event in celebration of Yew Chung's 85th Anniversary:

      This summer, Steve will be walking a 2000 km pilgrimage from Canterbury Cathedral in England to the Vatican in Rome to raise funds for Kids International Ministries to build a new secondary school in an impoverished area outside Manila in the Philippines.

      We invite all YCers / YWers in the UK to be part of the ceremonial launch on June 1, and you are also welcome to join the walk for the first 2 short distance days to the English Channel. Steve will share more details on Feb 3.